A Wider World Of Words

A Wider World of Words

We have come up with a new book A Wider World Of Words (Nepali- English) Modern dictionary that is focused on teaching English language to Nepali based on British native speaker. It is not just the translation of Nepali to English, but also gives wider synonyms, sentence examples in both Nepali and English and helps readers understand actual usage by explaining how words are used in English phrases. Also, it includes new feature with practical grammatical structures and useful expressions that is ideal for students, teachers, independent scholars and for anyone in today’s fast-paced world of communication.

Special Features of this dictionary:

  • Supplies over 34,000 entries
    Covers vocabulary from politics, human rights, religion law, finance and other subjects in addition to everyday life

  • Includes neologisms and also literary words gathered from different sources including newspapers

  • Provides detailed definitions and Nepali synonyms including appropriate explanations

  • Covers useful phrases and almost 26,000 illustrative examples

  • Comprises common collocations

  • Consists of great many English synonyms for Nepali Words

  • Contains cross-references

  • Gives pronunciation help for non-Nepali Users

  • Offers idioms and proverbs

  • Additional words not usually found in Nepali dictionaries but widely used in books and newspapers etc

  • Nepali practical grammatical structures into English

  • Useful expressions and situational phrases


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