About Us

Pd publication is officially registered book publication house on 2076 B.S. that publishes English and Nepali language learning materials for both Nepali and non-Nepali users. With a first step in publishing house in Nepali educational market, we are focused on publishing particularly on language learning books. As language learning is key part in every field to communicate, speak or write in a correct and professional way, we want to help readers by providing such books that has required content demanded by present society.

About the Author

KB Pradhan is a senior Lector in Nepali language teaching Nepali to non- Nepali at SOAS University of London, UK for two decades and has also taught Nepali at Cornell University, Newyork, USA. He has taught and trained to Nepali language to many non-Nepali who are expatriates, researchers and teachers or people who wanted to speak in Nepali.

Decades ago, KB Pradhan published the first dictionary designed especially for English speakers learning Nepali and also numerous books that contributed in language learning in association with other writers.

Now, after his retirement from SOAS university of London, here comes KB Pradhan’s magnum opus, a Nepali to English dictionary designed specifically for people who think in Nepali but want to speak in English.

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